Stop Complaining and Take Back Control

Do You Find Yourself Complaining Frequently?

If you find yourself constantly complaining you must believe that you have a real reason and need to complain. It is probably because your life isn’t going the way you would like it to go.  If you don’t complain, you probably know someone who does and it makes everyone around them feel uncomfortable.
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Others will try to avoid that person as much as possible.  Whether it’s you or someone else who is constantly complaining, what steps need to be taken to correct it and get on with living a positive life?

What Causes People to Complain?

As already stated, people usually complain because their life isn’t going the way they want it to. But, does complaining actually help?

Complaining is nothing more than a bad habit.  A habit, whether good or bad, is an urge (sometimes it seems like an uncontrollable urge) to act in a certain way no matter what the consequences.  The more you repeat the habit the more control it will have over your life. This makes it more difficult to kick the habit.

Complaining typically stems from negative thoughts that have been repeated until they have become beliefs. You believe things are not going your way. Then you choose to complain about it rather than taking measures to change circumstances so you no longer have things to complain about.

The habit of negative thinking can cause us to see things differently than they really are.

What Does Negative Thinking Have To Do With It?

When you realize that your beliefs and habits are controlled by your thoughts it gives hope that those beliefs and habits can be changed. On some level, you realize you have control over your thoughts. However, you had not previously made the connection that your thoughts are the basis for your beliefs and habits.

It was Earl Nightingale, the 1950s radio personality and author, who said, “You become what you think about.” A more true statement has never been made.

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Today is the day to make a resolute decision to refuse to let those negative thoughts become you.

You would not put an inferior quality of gasoline in your car, would you? Then why feed negative information to your mind knowing it will cause problems?

Negative thinking and complaining can be just as addictive as a drug. Whatever your mind is used to thinking that’s what it craves. As a matter of fact, that statement has more truth to it than you probably realize.

When we habitually think negative thoughts our body secretes hormones that have an adverse effect on our body. When our body gets used to the hormones caused by habitually thinking negative thoughts, it actually craves those hormones. But going into more detail about that is a topic for another article.

Can Negative Thinking and Complaining Be Controlled?

It is time to admit that you are the creator of your negative thoughts. Realize too that these thoughts lead only to more negativity and a stronger addiction.  Now you know what you’re doing and what the effects are. But you can’t help yourself until you get honest with yourself. You have to admit your thoughts are the problem and you have the ability to change them.

Stop and take several breaks throughout the day to breathe deeply and relax. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Don’t get upset with negative thoughts. Instead, thank the negative ones for reminding you it’s time to replace them with new and empowering thoughts.

How can taking several breaks throughout the day help break the habit of complaining?

Your mind’s habitual pattern of thinking will be disrupted by doing this. But, be aware that for a period of time, it might be easy for you to fall back into your old ways.  Surround yourself with positive things and positive people and continue the relaxation and deep breathing breaks. In time the positive thoughts will seep into your mind until they become you and your new habit is formed.  You will gain the confidence you need to continue with each step you take toward a positive emotion.

It may take a while but it can be done and when the negative thinking stops so will the complaining.  You didn’t get to where you are right now overnight and you can’t expect to get to where you desire to be overnight either.  If that were the case we would all be perfect in mind and body.  It’s a challenge that can be won with awareness and a decision to take dedicated and constant action toward self-improvement.

Now is the time to take responsibility, to take control and overcome the habit of complaining.


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