9 Benefits of Knowing Your Life’s Passion

Do you know your life’s passion? You might also say that your life’s passion is your life’s purpose because your passion gives your life purpose. If you don’t know what your life’s passion is, it’s not a reason to feel bad! Most people don’t. In fact, few people have given it any consideration at all. That’s a shame because knowing your life’s passion can make life more exciting and satisfying.

Can you imagine being excited to live each day? Most people dread getting up in the mornings. Furthermore, they celebrate “hump day” and spend their entire workweek waiting for the weekend.

Taking time to identify your life’s passion is worthy of your time and consideration!

Consider These Ideas When You Know Your Life’s Passion

1. It’s Easier to Plan Your Day

If you know your passion, it’s much easier to plan your day. Most people spend their day trying to figure out what to do next. When you don’t have a clear objective and purpose, it’s easy to feel bored or even to feel lost. What do you wish and intend to achieve on a given day?

Not knowing your life's passion can cause boredom. LifeChangeStrategies.com

Bored Young Man by Phil Kates on Flickr Licensed by CC 2.0

2. You’re Not Easily Distracted

When you know your life’s passion you have something that provides compelling interest. Having this knowledge will make it easier to resist distractions. It’s easy to get distracted when your life feels meaningless or if you are feeling bored. Your ability to focus and stay on point is enhanced when you know your passion.

3.  Making Decisions Is Much Easier

Knowing your passion makes decision making so much easier. Your passion will be the overriding factor in your life. Decisions are easier to make when you clearly understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

For example, if your passion is to become a world-class opera singer, practice and taking care of your voice would be the most important thing to you. It goes without saying that voice training and practice will be your primary activity. Taking care of your physical body will be extremely important also. You will want to eat a healthy diet, get aerobic exercise to build lung capacity, perform breathing exercises to increase breath stamina, get enough rest and sleep, etc.

Knowing your Life's Passion makes life so much more enjoyable. LifeChangeStrategies.com

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Knowing what’s important makes it easier to make the right decision when you have options on how to spend your time.

4. Knowing Your Life’s Passion Means You Will Have More Fun

It’s easier for you to have fun if you know your passion. How is that possible, you might ask. Most people want to have fun because they are looking for a distraction from work or because they’re bored. Knowing your passion causes you to be excited about activities that are associated with it. When you stop to think about it, what could be more fun than to be excited about living your life’s passion?  Imagine working at something that is fun and that doesn’t feel like work at all.

Working at your life's passion doesn't feel like work. It's something you would do if you weren't being paid. LifeChangeStrategies.com

5. You Will Be More Content

You will experience a feeling of contentment when you know and follow your life passion. That nagging feeling you get when you question if you’re doing the right thing or if doing something else would be better will not exist.  Instead, you will feel contentment. This is an emotion that few people have the privilege of experiencing. It’s something they crave even if they don’t realize it.

6. You Will Have More Enthusiasm for Life

You will naturally feel more motivated when you’re enthusiastic about what you’re doing. And, you will feel less internal resistance knowing that your passion unleashes your enthusiasm. In fact, enthusiasm is a very good clue that you are living your life’s passion. Are you enthusiastic about what you spend your time doing each day?

7. You Will Be Happier

You will make meaningful progress in your life. Happiness is largely based on the result of making progress toward meaningful goals. You will be much happier with yourself and the direction your life is taking when you’re aware of your life’s passion.

Do you have goals? If not, why? If you do have goals, how do you feel when you’re working at making progress toward them?

8. You Will Be More Interesting to Other People

Have you ever known someone who was clear about what they wanted and expected from their life? It’s exciting to be around someone like that. When you become one of these people and know your life’s passion, you become more interesting and magnetic to other people. Your social life improves in many ways.

Living your life's passion means you will have more fun and more friends. LifeChangeStrategies.com

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

9. You Will Be More Creative When You Know Your Life’s Passion

Your creativity is fully utilized. Pursuing anything that is meaningful will involve overcoming obstacles. When you’re fully energized, your creativity can operate at full power. You’ll be surprised by your ability to come up with ideas to solve problems.


The world is full of people drifting aimlessly through life without knowing their passion. Most people have never taken the time to consider what they want their life to be about. This is a big mistake because there are so many benefits to knowing and living your life’s passion.

If you don’t yet know your life’s passion, stop everything you’re doing and give it some serious thought. Years go by quickly and you only have one life to live!



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